Family Concert:  BoB -  Best of Brass
Family Concert: BoB - Best of Brass


13 May 2018 (Sunday, 4pm)

Cultural Activities Hall, Sha Tin Town Hall

$280 / $200  

(50% off for Full-time Students / Senior Citizens / Disabled & CSSA Recipients, with limited quota)  


There’s nothing like the sound of five brass instruments to get an audience to sit up and take notice. With trumpets, trombones and a French Horn, BoB play music written by composers from across the world: tango legends, Australian waltzes, classical masters and Kazakh folk music. Famous for their dynamic, larger than life performances, BoB are also experts at explaining where the strange, bendy metal tubes they play come from, and how they work.



金光閃閃、聲音雄渾的銅管樂器最容易引人注意。由兩支小號、 兩支伸縮號及法國號所組成的Best of Brass   阿BoB銅管樂五重奏,將會為一家大細獻上來自世界各地的音樂:包括經典探戈舞曲、澳洲華爾茲舞曲、古典鉅著以及哈薩克民謠等的音樂。阿BoB銅管樂五重奏不但以變化多端的演奏而聞名,他們更以銅管樂專家的身份,為您介紹這些樂器的由來及獨特之處,讓小朋友能深入淺出地認識銅管樂器。

Christopher Williams trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

Danielle Rich  trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet

ArminTerzer  horn, piccolo horn

GregoryAitken  trombone, tenor trombone
Jason Luostarinen  bass trombone, (tenor) trombone

“The music was exciting and performed well; the prepwork is brilliant; the guys were funny and entertaining."
 Corinne Darby – Bundaberg Christian College